This project uses JiraPS to automate AD Group membership by submitted and approved Jira Issues
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Jira Active Directory (AD) Group Access

This project uses JiraPS to automate AD Group membership by submitted and approved Jira Issues.

After a Jira issue passes into a particular status, the script will add the submitter/reporter of the issue to groups defined in specific configuration files.

This process works well for logging and subsequently provisioning access to a particular service. Access to different services can be provisioned by leveraging different Jira Projects and/or Issue Types.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local domain. Also included in this project are example configuration files for deploying users into multiple groups per service request.


In order to successfully run this automation you will need the following.

  • PowerShell PSVerion 5.1.x (Window Managment Framework 5.1)
  • Jira Server accessible internal or external
  • Jira user account with permissions to manipulate issues in all project used for automation
  • Active Directory Administrative (Organizational Unit Level) Access in your domain structure
  • Permissions to configure Windows scheduled tasks with AD Service account


This project is built off of the JiraPS PowerShell Module.

Install the PowerShell module on the system running this script using:

Install-Module JiraPS

Import the module with:

Import-Module JiraPS

And frequently update the module using:

Update-Module JiraPS

Additional details are very well documented here: JiraPS

Running the script

The Script requires 3 parameters to run (server, username, & password) These parameters can be hardcoded or passed at script execution:

.\Run-Provisioner.ps1 -server https://serveraddress:8080 -username username -password password

Use -Verbose for more details results while running the script.


Add additional configurations by duplicating \Configs\example.config and modifying Jira Project/Issue Details as well as the AD Groups being provided access to.


Please submit any issues or feature requests to this project for specific functionality. New configurations and customizations are added frequently. Your feedback, recommendations, and support are highly encouraged.



This project is licensed under the MIT License