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Riot-API-2k16 - Not scripts not working after Riot's API kinda changed. ~Sorry

The repository constains source code

Author: PlaySMaker Region: EUNE Description: This repository constains source code of webpage which working on Riot API data which collects and displays statistics in interesting ways.

Hello I am a beginner programmer and wanted to face to your challenge. I think I chose an interesting way to present data mastery champions, create a profile for each player who can view his stats for his character. There are also various data based on the data of all champions, this allows the exchange between players and compare their profiles. I guided by transparency, so that the player viewing their profile had everything in sight and was able to find out interesting things about his account. I hope that you will like it even a little bit my idea for a website, because this is my first project that I finished.

To replicate this project on your webserver, make sure you have turn ON output_buffering in you http server Copy project to root folder of your webserver.

All what you have to do on webpage is choose a region and type you nickname in game. Your Mastery Champion Profile will load :)

Regards, PlaySMaker