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List of plugin commands for TaiiwoBot

Plugins that don't require a command

###LinkBot This will post a title if:

  • The link is not to the following filetypes: '.cgi','.CGI','.jpg','.png','.gif','.bmp'
  • Has a valid title

TinyURL if:

  • The link is longer than data['config']['settings']['maxLinkLen']
  • The link has no title or is of invalid filetype

Both TinyURL and title if:

  • The link is longer than data['config']['settings']['maxLinkLen']
  • The link has a valid title and is not of invalid filetype

###CleverBot Will open a cleverbot session on start up, and reply to any post mentioning data['config']['settings']['botNick'] or data['config']['settings']['botNick'].lower() (TaiiwoBot or taiiwobot, but not Taiiwobot, for example)

###Whois on join WHOIS scans every user that joins that has user modes

###Authenticate Checks ALL WHOIS outputs for authentication

Plugins that require commands to initialize

Name Command Description Usage Example
Coinprice !coinprice Will fetch data from the BTC-e API com CUR1 CUR2 !coinprice btc ltc
FindIP !findip Searches an IP or hostname in the DB [com] IP/hostname !findip
LocateIP !locateip Uses the shodan library to pull down a host scan from ShodanHQ DBs. Includes ports 80,21,22,161,5060 and a GeoIP. Only works if the IP has been scanned by shodan [com] IP !locateip
Love !love Says "I love argv[1]" [com] argv[1] !love Taiiwo
RFL !rfl Says "I really fucking love argv[1]" [com] argv[1] !rfl Taiiwo
Wolfram Alpha !wa Returns the first plaintext string from the Wolfram Alpha API [com] multiword query !wa time in dubai
Wikipedia [DEV] !wk Returns a short synapsis of a query from Wikipedia [com] multiword query !wk space time continuum
List modes !listmodes Lists the bot modes for a user. At the time of Writing, the only two in use are 'a' and 'g' for Admin and Global respectively [com] nick !listmodes Taiiwo
4chan search !4search Scans 4chan thread on a single board recursively for a word or phrase. Output in PM Maximum of 15 links. Using 'all' will take time and may get TaiiwoBot temporarily banned from the API if overused, so don't do that. [com] board all/op word space-sep !4search x op cicada
Fact !fact Gives a random fact from [com] !fact
Joke !joke Parses the random joke page on sickipedia for jokes. subject to breakage when the site changes HTML format. [com] !joke
Roll usage1 !r Gives a simulated output of an argv[1] sided dice being rolled. [com] argv[1] !r 20
Roll usage2 !r Gives a sumulated output of an X sided dice being rolled Y times. 'd' stands for 'dice' [com] XdY !r 2d20
WYR !wyr Gets a random 'Would you rather?' question from [com] !wyr
Scoop !scoop Summarizes any article by URL and sends to PM com me URL (Ratio) !scoop me 70
uc wiki !uc Searches the Uncovering-cicada wikia and returns a title and a tinyURL [com] query !uc runes

Admin only plugins

###Requires +a in given channel or +ga

Name Command Description Usage Example
Auth me !authme Forces an authentication, needed when the bot Boots up after you log in. [com] !authme
Join !join Joins a channel [com] channel !join #cicadasolvers
Leave !leave Parts a channel [com] channel !leave #cicadasolvers
Mode !mode Changes a user's/users' bot modes. '[]' is a binary option field. '()*' symbolises an argument that can be repeated infinitly [com] ([+/-]MODE)* (nick )* !mode +o-b Taiiwo Surtri
Send !send Enter an IRC command manaully. cannot run multiple commands [com] command !send privmsg Taiiwo :Nice Bot!
Say !say Sends a message to argv[1]. Can be channel or nick [com] channel message !say Taiiwo Nice Bot!
Scoop !scoop Summarizes any article by URL and sends to chan or PM com [me/chan/nick] URL (Ratio) !scoop #freenode 70
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