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Artist List

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The left side panel can show a list of artists from the current playlist in alphabetical order.

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To switch, click the top corner panel button open the panel, then right click and choose Artist List from the menu.

How it works

  • Click an artist to locate their first appearance in the playlist
    • Double click to play
  • A right click context menu allows you to create a new playlist of that artist

    Feature: The artist list will stay linked to the original playlist, replacing the artist in the new playlist on further clicks

  • Playing artist will be located in list when using Go To Playing
  • With cursor over the artist list, pressing a letter on the keyboard will jump to corresponding alphabetical position

Artist thumbnails

If an image was not loaded, a matching artist was likely not found. If an image was not successfully found, that artist will be blacklisted from further download attempts. You can reset this by selecting MENU > Database.... > Reset Image Cache.

Ways of getting artist thumbnails:

Via Artist info panel only.

This is enabled by default, however doesn't a large range of images.


You can manually place artist images in the user data older, inside a folder named artist-pictures. The name of the picture needs to match the artist name exactly, e.g. Coldplay.jpg, or The Killers.png.

Tip: You can locate the data folder by going MENU > Settings > Function > Open data folder

Discogs (feature deprecated)

This is not enabled by default. You will need a discogs Personal access token from the discogs website, then enter this token into Tauon Music Box from clipboard by going MENU > Settings > Accounts > Discogs > Paste token.

This provides a slightly wider range of artist images, but not as much as did.