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You can view lyrics in either the right side panel (playing track only) or the "Showcase + Lyrics" view. Both of these have a right click context menu that gives various operations regarding lyrics.

There are three kinds of lyrics that can be shown: Standard, Synced and Chord (Chord can only be shown in showcase view).

Standard Lyrics

Standard lyrics are shown when available. They are stored in the internal database and can be sourced from any of three types of locations:

  • From the audio files metadata tag.

    These will automatically be scanned when importing. You can use the Reload Metadata function to manually re-scan.

  • By using the Search lyrics function to automatically find lyrics from the internet.
  • By pasting text from the system clipboard using the Paste Lyrics function.

Clicking Clear Lyrics will remove the shown standard lyrics from the internal database.

Substitute Lyrics Search

If searching of song lyrics needs to be done under a different name e.g. To remove a featured artist. You can create a search substitution by going to the lyrics context menu > Misc... > Substitute Search....

Edit values where necessary then click away to confirm. This will also apply to all songs with that original name in the future, not just the single one you clicked on. To remove a substitution, re-enter then Substitute Lyrics Box and clear the field.

Synced Lyrics

Synced lyrics highlight the currently active line in the lyrics and scroll automatically.

These lyrics are loaded from .lrc files which need to be in the same location as the source audio file and need to have the same name part of the filename in order to be detected. For example, have clocks.mp3 and clocks.lrc in the same folder.

Note: These are loaded when you play a track and not stored in the internal database, unlike standard lyrics.

Tip: When both standard and synced types are available, a button in the "Showcase + Lyrics" view will be shown that lets you toggle between preferring to display either type.

The format of a .lrc file is made up of lines of the lyrics with timestamps, with each line taking the format of []words such as follows:

[01:32.21]On my fears, on my loose ends
[01:38.99]All the strength leaves the ghosts alone

Guitar Chord Lyrics

This format highlights chords above each line of the lyrics.

These will be shown when both available and the setting Enable chord lyrics is on.

For further details see the Guitar Chord Lyrics wiki page.