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Outbound Broadcasting

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This feature creates an HTTP audio stream that broadcasts music in the background.

Starting a broadcast creates a separate 'playback head' that works asynchronously so music played locally will be unaffected.

Tip: This allows you to operate like a DJ might, by allowing you to sample music before adding it to the stream.

Getting started

  1. Start up the web server by enabling the setting Run web server for broadcasting under Settings > Functions.

  2. Create/navigate to a playlist of tracks you wish to stream.

  3. From player top panel click MENU and select Start Broadcast to begin the broadcast.

    Tip: You should then see a blue highlight that shows the currently streaming track.

    Tip: Right click a track and select Broadcast This to stream a track immediately. (Stream will then continue from that location in the playlist).

  4. You can listen to the stream at http://localhost:7590/radio/. This servers a page with a web player and information about the current track including album art, progress of current track and lyrics.

Additional notes

Note: The codec used is OPUS. The raw stream can be reached on http://localhost:7590/stream.ogg.

Note: Modifying the number of tracks in playlist that appear before the broadcast marker will impact the broadcast position. (So avoid doing this while a broadcast is active. You can still safely add tracks after the broadcasting track.)

Hint: In order for stream to be accessible from outside internet, port 7590 needs to be open.