👐 The Open Science Company Manifesto.
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The Open Science Company Manifesto

This repository hosts the sources of the "Open Science Company Manifesto", which aims to define the fundamental statements that all companies running with the Open Science initiative in mind must respect and promote.

Important: All textual contents of the manifesto can be found in the version/ folder. Other files are used to build the website. More information is given below.

Project Home Page

You can browse the online version at: http://manifesto.tailordev.fr/.


This manifesto is versioned, so that you can adhere to a particular version of it. All versions are located in the version/ folder.


Please feel free to submit Pull Requests or open issues to improve, share your ideas/thoughts, or discuss any part of this manifesto.

Join the movement!

You can "adopt" and/or support this manifesto by adding your company to the list of adopters.

You can also adapt this manifesto to your own vision and values, and use it wherever you wish.


This manifesto is released under the CC BY-SA 4.0 License. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.