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The TaintDroid project has been the collective effort of many people.

William Enck wrote the original version of TaintDroid while a PhD
student at Penn State University. TaintDroid started as an internship
project under the supervision of Jaeyeon Jung at Intel Research in
Seattle and was funded by the University of Washington. The research on
TaintDroid was continued by William along with his advisor Patrick
McDaniel when returning to Penn State. William has helped continue
maintenance of the project after becoming a faculty member at North
Carolina State University.

Peter Gilbert has also contributed immensely to TaintDroid. As a PhD
student at Duke University under the advisement of Landon Cox, Peter
ported TaintDroid to the "fast" and JIT versions of the Dalvik VM
interpreter. Peter also ported TaintDroid from Android 2.1 to 2.3, and
is a continued asset in keeping TaintDroid current.

Seungyeop Han created the byte-level tracking of parcels for TaintDroid
while a PhD student at University of Washington. Seungyeop has also
contributed many code fixes to TaintDroid.

Minh Tuan Pham ported TaintDroid from Android 2.3.4 to Android 4.0.3
while doing a study abroad at the North Carolina State University. This
was a nontrivial port due to significant changes between Android 2.3.4
and Android 4.0.3. Minh also added tracking support for ByteBuffers.
Gabriel Maganis wrote the original TaintDroidNotify GUI tool for

Ben Andow ported TaintDroid from Android 4.1.1_r6 to 4.3_r1.

TaintDroid Project Contributers:

William Enck <>
Jaeyeon Jung <>
Peter Gilbert <>
Seungyeop Han <>
Minh Tuan Pham <>
Byung-Gon Chun <>
Landon Cox <>
Patrick McDaniel <>
Anmol Sheth <>
Gabriel Maganis <>
Vasant Tendulkar <>
Ben Andow <>

For more information, visit

Post questions to the TaintDroid Google Group:

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