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-== Welcome to TRails
-[![Build Status](](
+Find love, joy and happiness through GIFS
-Trails is Taivara's quick-start rails setup. (Taivara + Rails = Trails,
-so clever, right?). The following describes what is contained in a default
-setup as well as some general guidelines and best practices.
-- Adds home controller and index route with tests
-- Adds Flash messages display and checking in layout with tests
-- Removes fixtures
-- Adds certification environment
-- Updates default database configuration for all environments
-- Adds common .gitignore exclusions
-- Adds Devise auth and signup as well as user model
-- Adds i18n (internationalization) to views (devise-i18n-views gem used for
-the Devise views)
-- Adds version dependencies to all gems in gemfile
-- Adds factory_girl_rails gem for fixtures
-- Adds user fixture with sequenced emails
-- Updates generator defaults to use factories and remove un-needed things
-- Adds some default seed data for testing
-- Adds common test helpers
-- Adds omniauth gem
-- Adds Facebook and Twitter login
-- Adds code for resolving multiple authentications
-- Adds controller for managing authentications
-- Adds controller for managing users
-- Adds roles table for tracking admins
-Style Preferences:
-- Use single quotes unless doing string interpolation
-- Use Ruby 1.9 hash syntax; key: 'value' instead of the :key => 'value'
-- Use factories to DRY up seed data
-By default devise views are not generated, if you want to generate them for
-customization use rails g devise:views, remember to provide proper
-internationalization for these views, you can grab the i18n versions of the
-templates here:
+Built with Happiness on Rainbows (Ruby on Rails)

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