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Tajcoin is a proof-of-stake cryptocurrency with a focus on high performance, longevity and adoption services.


Type: PoW/Pos2.0 hybrid

PoW algorithm: Blake2s

Difficulty retarget: Every block

Block time: 3 minutes

Block reward: 99 TAJ, 66 TAJ (after block 300k), 33 TAJ (after block 600k)

Coinbase maturity: 33 blocks

Last PoW block: 900000

PoS start: from the first block

Minimum PoS age: 12 hours

Maximum PoS age: no max (PoS 2.0)

Max coins: 36900000 TAJs

Network info:

P2P port: 10712 RPC port: 12107

Testnet P2P port: 71210 Testnet RPC port: 7121