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use v6;
# `Diff' program in Perl
# Current author
# Copyright 2010 Philip Mabon (
# Original author
# Copyright 1998 M-J. Dominus. (
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
# under the same terms as Perl itself.
use Algorithm::Diff;
sub MAIN (Str $file1,Str $file2) {
# -f $file1 or bag("$file1: not a regular file");
# -f $file2 or bag("$file2: not a regular file");
# -T $file1 or bag("$file1: binary");
# -T $file2 or bag("$file2: binary");
$file1.IO ~~ :e || die "File does not exists: '$file1'";
$file2.IO ~~ :e || die "File does not exists: '$file2'";
my @f1 = lines(open ($file1));
my @f2 = lines(open ($file2));
my @diffs = diff(@f1, @f2);
exit 0 unless @diffs;
for (@diffs) -> @chunk {
my ($sign, $lineno, $text) = @chunk;
printf "%4d$sign %s\n", $lineno+1, $text;
say "--------";
exit 1;
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