Helps binding an enum with description to ComboBox. Attach Dictionary to enum item.
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EnumHelper<TEnum> Class

  • It helps binding an enum with description to ComboBox.
  • Enum item description come from:
    1. localized resource (EnumType_ItemName)
    2. default resource (EnumType_ItemName)
    3. Description attribute (System.ComponentModel)
    4. Enum item name
  • Not only ValueDescriptionPairs but also EnumTypeConverter<TEnum> can be used when the UIElement support TypeConverter.
  • ExtraProperties attribute attaches a Dictionary<string, string>.
  • GetExtraProperty extension method returns the value from the dictionary.

Usage Sample

using System.ComponentModel;
using TakeAsh;

using NewLineCodesHelper = EnumHelper<NewLineCodes>;

public enum NewLineCodes {
  [ExtraProperties("Entity:'\n', SecondKey:'Not Used'")]
  [ExtraProperties("Entity : \"\r\"")]

// Resource
string NewLineCodes_Lf = "Unix(LF) [Localized]";
string NewLineCodes_Cr = "Mac(CR) [Localized]";
string NewLineCodes_CrLf = "Windows(CR+LF) [Localized]";

// using ValueDescriptionPairs
comboBox_NewLineCode_GalleryCategory.ItemsSource = NewLineCodesHelper.ValueDescriptionPairs;
comboBox_NewLineCode_GalleryCategory.DisplayMemberPath = "Value";
comboBox_NewLineCode_Gallery.SelectedValuePath = "Key";
comboBox_NewLineCode_Gallery.SelectedValue = NewLineCodes.CrLf;

var newLineCode = NewLineCodesHelper.Cast(comboBox_NewLineCode_Gallery.SelectedValue);
var desc1 = newLineCode.ToDescription();
var desc2 = NewLineCodesHelper.ValueDescriptionDictionary[newLineCode];
var newLineEntity = newLineCode.GetExtraProperty("Entity");

var newLineEntities = NewLineCodesHelper.GetAllExtraProperties("Entity");

// using TypeConverter
comboBox_NewLineCode2_GalleryCategory.ItemsSource = NewLineCodesHelper.Values;
comboBox_NewLineCode2_Gallery.SelectedItem = NewLineCodes.CrLf;

var newLineCode2 = NewLineCodesHelper.Cast(comboBox_NewLineCode2_Gallery.SelectedItem);

Properties and Methods

EnumHelper<TEnum> Class Properties

  • string[] Descriptions [get]
  • string[] Names [get]
  • Dictionary<TEnum, string> ValueDescriptionDictionary [get]
  • KeyValuePair<TEnum, string>[] ValueDescriptionPairs [get]
  • TEnum[] Values [get]

EnumHelper<TEnum> Class Methods

  • TEnum Cast(object obj)
  • string[] GetAllExtraProperties(string key)
  • string GetAssemblyName()
  • TEnum GetValueFromDescription(string description)
  • TEnum GetValueFromName(string name)
  • Nullable<TEnum> GetValueNullableFromDescription(string description)
  • Nullable<TEnum> GetValueNullableFromName(string name)
  • void Init()
  • bool IsDefined(object value)
  • string ToDescription(TEnum en)
  • bool TryParse(string value, out TEnum result)

EnumExtensionMethods Class Methods

  • string GetAssemblyName(this Enum en)
  • string GetExtraProperty(this Enum en, string key)
  • string ToDescription(this Enum en)