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ECAD and Firmware for the TakkTile project
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This repository contains publicly-available firmware and CAD files for items in the TakkTile product line, a line of sensitive, easy-to-manufacture tactile sensors.

The TakkArray is a 5x8 I2C-addressable sensor array providing ~1g sensitivity. The ATTINY24A microcontroller is used to multiplex the MPL115A2 sensors. The firmware is written is written in embedded C for the avr-gcc toolchain. The firmware is well commented.

TakkTile-usb is the suggested implementation of the USB-I2C bridge, also providing a Python module implementing calibration and compensation routines.

All schematics and board layouts for this project are released under a Creative Commons BY-SA license.

All firmware for this project are released under a GPLv3+ license.

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