Code for Linzen, Kasyanenko & Gouskova (2013), Phonology
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Accompanying code for Linzen, Kasyanenko, & Gouskova (2013): Lexical and phonological variation in Russian prepositions, Phonology 30(3). [doi] [pdf].

The Python folder has code used for querying and scraping the online corpora (Russian National Corpus and Yandex). The R directory has code related to statistical analysis and visualization.

Please let us know ( if you found this code useful or have any questions.

To use the code, set the environment variable RUSS_PREPS_ROOT to wherever the root directory of the project is. Run this command from the shell before you start R or Python:

export RUSS_PREPS_ROOT=/Users/tal/Dropbox/russian_prepositions

Or from within an R session (before you source any of the files):


knitr is hard to install on R 3.0.1, better to use something like 2.15 for the time being.