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Wheat provide the bridge between RedwoodHQ and Appium with few extra action to make testing easy and fun. Say GOOD BYE to coding for mobile functional automation; Wheat allows drag-and-drop actions to be performed on a mobile app. Wheat has least to no learning curve. It can simultaneously run multiple devices/simulators/emulators providing ability for A/B testing. Wheat supports almost all actions from Appium + some extra actions to ease testing.

Currently supported actions by Wheat

  • Appium Provided Actions
    • Click
    • Long press
    • Set text
    • Zoom
    • Screenshot
    • Swipe
    • Pinch
    • ...
  • Customized Actions (additionally provided by Wheat)
    • Scroll and find element with direction
    • Make Interruption
    • Check Text
    • ...
Without Wheat With Wheat
Have to write too much code No coding
Steep learning Curve Zero to minimal learning curve
High Time per Test case Minimal Time per Test case
Write code for custom action Custom actions provided
Handle bugs in existing Appium actions Open Sourced – Open for enhancements and shape it as you need


  1. Appium
  2. RedwoodHQ
  3. Xcode (to automate iOS apps)
  4. Android Studio (to automate Android apps)

Read the Onboarding guide to setup Wheat in your test environment.

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