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Health package simplifies the way you add health check to your service.

For a real application using go-health please check ImgArt

Supported Features

  • Service health status
  • Graceful Shutdown Pattern
  • Health check external dependencies
  • HTTP Handler out of the box that returns the health status


go get -u github.com/Talento90/go-health

How to use

    // Create a new instance of Health
    h := New("service-name", Options{CheckersTimeout: time.Second * 1})

    // Register external dependencies
    h.RegisterChecker("redis", redisDb)
    h.RegisterChecker("mongo", mongoDb)
    h.RegisterChecker("external_api", api)

    // Get service health status
    s := h.GetStatus()

    // Listen interrupt OS signals for graceful shutdown
    var gracefulShutdown = make(chan os.Signal)

    signal.Notify(gracefulShutdown, syscall.SIGTERM)
    signal.Notify(gracefulShutdown, syscall.SIGINT)

    go func() {

        // Close Databases gracefully
        // Close HttpServer gracefully

    // if you have an http server you can register the default handler
    // ServeHTTP return 503 (Service Unavailable) if service is shutting down
    http.HandleFunc("/health", h.ServeHTTP)

Response Example

        "external_api": {