Coding and contributing guidelines for Tallwave projects.
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Coding and contributing guidelines for Tallwave projects.

Table Of Contents

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Contributing to Tallwave Projects
  3. Style Guides

General information

With all projects, we make heavy use of Github Flow for the development process.


At Tallwave, we want to write beautiful code, and make it look like the team is in sync on how to write HTML & CSS. When writing CSS (and any CSS pre-processors), stick to @mdo's code guide.


It is possible to run this using Docker. This avoids having to set up jekyll locally, install themes, set up SASS, etc. There is a single dependency of Docker:

With Docker running in your system, run the following command in the root folder to build the image and run the container:


Once the image is build, you don't have to keep building it. To make a running container of the built image, run:

docker-compose up

You should be able to see the site at


To stop the docker container, press CTRL + C.

NOTE: If this produces an error, you may need to stop the running docker container that was unsuccessfully stopped. To do so, run docker container ls to see a list of all running containers. Take note of the first 4 digits of the container to be stopped, and run the command:

docker stop 2bdb

This will stop that running container.

Or you can instead use:

docker-compose stop

and then whenever you want to run the site again:

docker-compose start

Accessing on a mobile device

To access the site from your mobile device, find the IP Address of your desktop and use that on mobile, i.e. 192.x.x.x:4000

To find your desktop's IP, you can:

  • run in your (mac/linux) terminal ifconfig | grep 'inet' and pick the ip-looking-address that is not (windows should be ipconfig for similar results)
    • mine looks like this; i used the first IP listed: inet 192.x.x.x netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast 192.x.x.x
  • visit this website
  • follow the directions for your device (windows/mac) found here

Note: googling "what is my IP" returns your router's IP Address, which will not work for this case.