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Inkling is a framework for creating responsive emails quickly using modern web technology
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Inkling is a framework for creating responsive emails quickly using modern web technology.

Before you Begin

  • Clone the repo
  • Be sure you've installed the dependencies. bundle install from the repo root. Alternately, install them manually (the list of dependencies is below)

Building the email

In terminal, cd to project root.

While you're building HTML and Styles, you can use jekyll's dev server to demo your code jekyll serve --watch. This will look for changes, rebuild and allow you to preview the site at localhost:4000.

When you're satisfied with your design, Ctrl + C to quit the server.

Then just type rake. This will compile the jekyll and sass, then inline the styles to get it all ready to send. The inlined html will be in the _inlined directory.

How to use

The best way to start is by modifying one of the examples. These are based on the Ink examples, but should feel a little simpler because of the use of the Liquid templating engine and SASS.

Update the SCSS files in the _scss directory to match your design. _variables.scss works very similar to Foundation's variables system.

See the Ink Documentation for additional classes and elements that are included.


  • Ruby
  • Jekyll gem install jekyll
  • Nokogiri gem install nokogiri
  • Premailer gem install premailer


Future Plans

  • Use YML file for configuration
  • Set this up as a ruby gem with an init script (like Foundation, Bootstrap, Compass, etc)
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