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Spell Check Whole Page

Run spell check on all text layers in the page.

Displays a basic panel that allows users to replace the misspelled word or add it to the dictionary, or ignore it.

Uses macOS's built-in spelling features and dictionary to do this.

Change Log

1.3.2 Fixed bug around the done button working inconsistently

1.3.1 Bug fix misspelling counter message wasn't showing

1.3.0 Bug fix to support text within symbol overrides

1.2.2 Checking auto-updating functionality

1.2.1 Add auto-update support

1.2.0 Bug fix (removing a deprecated function) and adding scrolling text view

1.1 Support for text within symbol overrides

1.0 Support for correcting misspellings

0.5 Detects and lists misspellings

The problem

Spell check isn't available for all text layers at a time. If you're using Sketch as a replacement for Illustrator or InDesign, you really miss the ability to automatically spell check everything everywhere.


To install it, simply download the zip and double-click the “.sketchplugin” file. You can access the plugin via the Plugins menu. You’ll know it's worked when you see the notification at the bottom of the screen.

Here’s a screen capture of the plugin in action:

Screenshot of plugin's alert

Special thanks

Special thanks to

Next Steps:

Updating the UI to be more consistent with the system spellchecker UI.


A basic spellchecker that checks all layers on a page in Sketch




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