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Temp controlled Hot Air source used for surface mount soldering, rework and board preheating
Arduino C
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Hot Air Preheater

**** SOFTWARE ****
Software is based off of the "Reflowduino" sketch found on adafruit's github written by PaintYourDragon.

Some portions were also taken from Scott Dixon's hotplate sketch

The Encoder library is written by Paul Stoffregen <>
I chose this library because it allows use of 0,1 or 2 interupt pins for maximum flexability

The MAX6675 library is also taken from adafruit's github

The RESET function was taken directly from the following website:

The rest are standard Arduino 1.0 librarys.
**** HARDWARE ****
Rev 0.01
The hardware is currently a kludge of Scott Dixon's hotplate PCB with a second MAX6675 chip
stacked on top of the original, with pins 3 & 6 bent out and wired separately.  Pin 3 is
the input for the second TC and Pin 6 is the CS and wired to DP4.

NOTE: While researching temperature profiles, I found where it was suggested
	to tap the reflow oven after the solder has melted, to allow it to 
	settle into proper alignment.  I am considering adding a small, cellphone 
	vibrator to the base of the board support arms and having it kick on automatically
	for a few pulses to perform this task.  Not sure if this is a good idea or not.
	I guess I will have to experiment with this after the rest of the unit is finished.

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