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A Healing Based Magic Minecraft Mod
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Angel of Vengeance (Or AoV for short)

The goal is to be a magic mod focused around being a healer. You have the ability to heal players, other entities and even damage undead with this power. You can also cure status effects. However, there are other classes you can use instead. Five in total, Favored Soul, Cleric, Paladin, Astrologian, and Druid.

Clerics's purpose is to well.. heal. The Favored Soul is the offensive spell casting mage which uses light based spells to destroy undead. The Paladin is your tank, they get a dodge mechanic where attacks have a chance to not land at all on them. Paladins also get benefits while having a shield equipped. Astrologian are your buffers and side healer, they can cast very powerful yet random buffs on themselves or others using the power of the stars. Druids are your Nature wielding Attackers, Healers, or Casters. They can choose to spec in one of the three. They CAN choose to mix and match but it'll result in a less powerful druid than a non-mixed.


Can be found here

The Skill System

  • You slowly gain experience and thus points from leveling up by using your spells/abilities.
    • The amount of experience you gain decays as you spam abilities, this decay goes away over time, so don't spam.
    • You will only progress if the spells are being used as intended.
  • There will be a max total of points you'll be able to collect.
  • You begin with a single point, you are then able to spend this point into one of the three class trees. After doing so you become bound to that class and cannot spend points into the other two trees.
  • Yes you'll be able to do a reset if you didnt like your choices.
    • There will be two types, a Full reset and a Minor reset.
      • The Full reset takes you back to 1 starting point. This allows you to choose another class, however, you'll have to regain your skill points.
      • Unlike the Full Reset, The Minor reset allows you to keep any skill points you have earned. However, you will not be given the choice to pick another class.


Feel free to submit any ideas as an issue. If I like the idea it'll remain open till it becomes implemented. If I really don't like it I will close it with reasons why, don't take it personally :) It could have to do with balance after all.

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