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React Rich Text Editor made with Slate.js. I made this rich text editor as part of an interview assignment. I got to know how modern rich editors work. Will be using this tech on my other projects
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Paper project with Slate.js

Demo link




yarn start

Rich Text Editor Features:

  • Toolbar to toggle betwean bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, code, H1, H2, paragraph, blockquote, large code etc.
  • Keyboard shortcut support for bold, italic, underline etc
  • Support for bullet and number lists with tab support
  • Press shift tab to go back a list level
  • Add images from the internet with a source link
  • Upload jpg, png or gif images from your computer
  • Save content into your browser
  • Restore previous saved content by clicking 'cancel' button
  • An optional node limit setter
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