A simple reddit like site built using node and react
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Simple Reddit Site

Heroku link: https://reddit-like-site.herokuapp.com/


Use npm run client-install to install client dependecies. Use npm install to install server dependecies.

You will need to rename sample.env file to just .env and supply your own mongodb driver url to work with the database.

To start the server, run npm run dev or yarn run dev

Notes after deploying to Heroku

I deployed a branch of this code into Heroku. After deploying and setting up the env variables, the site was showing Not Found error. I realized that the /build/ folder was being ignored in .gitignore. So after pushing it to the repo, it now works fine.

Notes after sharing on the dev community

People right out started spamming the site. People posted content with unreasonable amount of data beyond the limit. Someone started posting NiggerNiggerNigger.. and flodded my database. They did this because it can be done. So it's my turn to make it a bit more secure.

To Do

  • Add option to display the text body under the posts
  • Allow comments
  • Allow only one upvote/downvote per user
  • Add option to load more posts

Improvements from Next Projects

  • Use git version control and branches to streamline development
  • Write more documentation
  • Seperate the API calls into different components, so the codebase will become more mangable.