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This is a functional proof of concept of a Text Based client for Lacuna Expanse. It depends heavily on Games::Lacuna::Client.

As of this writing the client is read-only because I haven't implemented any of the commands that send changes back to the server. Things will get fleshed out as I have time, or as patches roll in.

Screen Shot

Screen Shot

Getting Started

This is still in developer release mode, we may never get beyond that. If you'd like to get started with Games::Lacuna::MUD simply do the following.

On a box with Perl 5.12.2 installed download a copy of this Games::Lacuna::MUD either by cloning it or downloading a tarball.

If you've never installed a CPAN distribution before, you'll need a configured CPAN client. I happen to like CPAN minus because it has good defaults, and can self-install from the web.

> curl -L http://cpanmin.us | perl - --self-upgrade 

Make sure you have Dist::Zilla installed, this will make installing the dependencies easier.

> cpanm Dist::Zill

Once Dist::Zilla is installed simply do the following to install the dependencies required for Games::Lacuna::MUD

> dzil listdeps | cpanm

Once the dependencies are installed you will need to have a developer API Key that you can acquire from this site.

With the developer key you can create a configuration file for Games::Lacuna::Client.

api_key: [KEY]
empire_name: [EMPIRE]
empire_password: "[PASSWORD]"
server_uri: https://us1.lacunaexpanse.com/

Save this as $HOME/.le-mudrc and you can start the MUD client with the following

> perl bin/le-mud.pl

Have fun!


Some basic MUD commands work: look, go planet, go building, leave building, quit

Beyond this the commands are still rudimentary. There is no help system because I wasn't happy with the on that I had and haven't come up with a slick way of integrating a cross cutting concern like that. You are free of course to view the source.