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TamataSpiru - DIY Project to make growing Spirulina

Note: This project is a prototype in development progress

Spiruline Data

Photo Bio Reactor requirements to control water environment :

  • Temperature control
  • Light intensity control
  • Movment (Air bubler)

Data Collecting from sensors. ( using Graphana for dashboard )

Spiruline Data

  • Temperature In/Out
  • Atmospheric Pressure
  • Light intensity, UV, IR,
  • Color RGB
  • Transfert data by JSON export.
    RealTime Data

Webserver to enable remote control.

  • Control Check State & Alert configuration
  • Dashboard Access Alerting

System task Scheduling.

  • Control & Reporting
  • Log activities Scheduling

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This FLOSS software is funded by donations only. Please support us to maintain and further improve it!

Donate using Liberapay

Much more information about the self-sufficienty challenge : TamataOcean Spirulina

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