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Table of Contents


Build Platforms Dependency
The Chaos Kit comprises of all the necessary python scripts for embedding information inside an image in a way that it goes unnoticed even with the Virtual Steganography Tool (VSL).
Here is the link to the IEEE publication based on the this work.

Concept Flow



  • Download all the file as zip from here
  • After install Python and running pip install opencv-python open "". Dont run it now!
  • Make a text file named "msg.txt" in the same directory and put your own message. For this particular image, the message file should be less than 8kb.
  • The default password is -1, 2.01, 3 . Refer to line 127 and line 230 of "" to embed and decipher respectively.
  • All paswwords parameters are double-precision floating point resulting a 192 bits key length.
    Example password: -3.12457863, 5.14785236997, 0.00012364478
  • Now you can run the file and look for image_encoded.tiff file in the same directory.




Contents of this repository are realeased under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0


You can always open a issue if you find any bug.