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TamrielOnline -NPCs are synchronized from the exterior, and interior cell buffers t…
…o ensure "all" nearby NPCs are detected. Additionally a good chunk of overhead on the senders side has been removed, with NPC checks only occurring when data is being sent. (#3)
Latest commit 09ed2b2 Oct 21, 2017


Tamriel Online ( - An online multiplayer mod for Skyrim.

Build Dependencies

  • Photon Realtime C++ Windows SDK v4.1.5.1 ( - The latest version should also work, but may require updates the mod's source.
    • All the photon references under "Configuration Properties" -> "Linker" -> "Input" -> "Additional Dependencies", and "Configuration Properties" -> "C/C++" -> "General" -> "Additional Include Directories" in VS need to have their directories changed to your local SDK's directory.
  • SKSE v1.7.3 (

Connection Requirements