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We are very sorry, the equipment has been sold and the update is stopped.


中文说明 | English

威 6 Pro/Thinkbook 13s/扬天 S540 QQ交流群681175557

The author's English is not very good (mainly with the help of translation software). If there is an error, please understand or help correct it. Thank you.

Extra name for this notebook:

  • Lenovo WEI 6 PRO
  • Lenovo Thinkbook 13S
  • Lenovo S540


The EFI of this repository is limited to macOS 10.14.6

Laptop Configuration

Hardware info
Motherboard Lenovo LNVNB161216(300 series)
CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8565U(UHD Graphics 620)
Memory DDR4 8GB 2400MHz Micron(Config needs to inject memory information)
DISK SSD-HFM512GDHTNG-831(Received feedback, Lenovo S540 series has Micron hard drive, Micron hard drive will not be able to install the system)
Graphics AMD 540X Series(Blocked )
Monitor FHD 1920x1080
Sound ACL 257
Network Intel AC9560(Unable to drive! Please use a USB network card or replace the network card)
Trackpad Intel I2C HID INT34BB

Operating status

Status Name info
Battery The functions are normal,Can set battery conservation mode
Camera USB custom port:HS07
Bluetooth Either it can't be closed or it can't be opened, I chose to open it (test found that the file can be sent to the phone, but the phone can't send the file to the computer, and Airdrop cannot be used)
Speaker / Microphone ALC257,Counterfeit ID 11 ,The functions are normal, and the headphone jack is automatically switched.(Shortcut key)
Trackpad The author has limited ability and only implements polling mode(VoodooI2C、HID),Support gesture, support close(Shortcut key),Need to be set separately, please click me for setup tutorial!
HDMI The external display is normal (plugged and unplugged many times during the test)
Type-C USB custom port:HS03
3.5mm headphone jack Supports automatic switching of headset plug and unplug.
USB USB custom port:HS01HS02
CPU Turbo Query via CPU-S
Brightness The EC codes of the shortcut keys F11 and F12 are Q82, Q83. I wrote a hot patch, but it was invalid, but there was one Shortcut key
Sleep After you click Sleep, after a while, the power button flashes white to indicate that you have completely slept, but the system will runs more slowly than before after waking up! There is also a case where it cannot be waked up (directly black screen or restart !!!)
Fingerprint USB custom blocked
Graphics Blocked
WIFI Unable to drive

Chance Problem

1.Sudden restart when entering macOS

2.The screen is black after entering the system (but when connecting to HDMI, it will be found that the system has been started, it should be a driver problem)

Workaround: 1.Press and hold the power button to restart (use -v, etc.) 2.Windows system and macOS system switch back and forth 3.Clover Use configold.plist to configure startup.

Shortcut key

Note: In macOS, F1-F12 is the same as Windows system, you must press Fn + key, but if you do n’t press Fn, there are volume function keys and touchpad key off. It is detected that pressing F9 and F10 in the keyboard has feedback, but the operation is not defined.

FN+P Adjust brightness-increase brightness (yes, there is only one increase brightness button)
F1 Adjust sound-mute (same as keyboard logo)
F2 Adjust sound-reduce volume (same as keyboard logo)
F3 Adjust sound-increase volume (same as keyboard logo)
F6 Close touchpad(same as keyboard logo,👍

Maybe you need to turn on these features

1. Set battery and power mode

Enter Windows and open _Drive and Tools, and run BatterySetting_联想管家电池管理.exe settings.

2.Open macOS HiDPI

Click on the opening method

Touchpad setup tutorial

(Shield Apple original I2C driver)

1.Go to the driver folder \ System\Library\Extensions\

2.Delete the two troublesome files (I config masked, but invalid):

  • AppleIntellpssI2C.kext
  • AppleIntellpssI2CController.kext

3.Use the Hackintool- tool (the box icon in the lower right corner) - to rebuild the cache and repair permissions Or execute sudo kextcache -i / to rebuild the cache

4.**Put VoodooI2C_9ed8_9ed9.kext in the _Drive and Tools folder into CLOVER\kexts. **

Trackpad1 Trackpad2 Trackpad3
Trackpad4 Trackpad5

Tips:It is recommended to right-click the new window to open the picture or view the _images folder.

Test Screenshot








联想威 6 Pro/Thinkbook 13s/扬天 S540 黑苹果EFI



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