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Experimenting with avatars in Oculus Rift.
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This is a simple test for controlling an avatar in the Oculus Rift, inspired by the Girl in the Mirror demo. You can control different characters and see yourself in the mirror. If you have Razer Hydra controllers, you can move around and control the avatar's hands with them.


To switch characters:
When you see a character you want to control, enter ghost mode by keeping either the R key on the keyboard, the right mouse button, or the right Hydra controller's button 4 pressed. The world will slow down and turn whitish, and characters will be orange, except the character you are directly looking at, which will have his normal colors. You can focus on a different character by looking at him instead. When you exit ghost mode by releasing the button, you will switch into the character in focus.

To calibrate the Hydra controls:
Keep the left control's button 4 pressed. Your avatar will hold his upper arms horizontally to the side and his forearms forward. Assume the same pose, then release the key. You now control the avatar's hands.

Foot movement controls:
By default the Hydra controls your hands. You can try out an experimental movement control scheme (to try to combat motion sickness): feet control. Press 1 on the left controller to switch between hands and feet control. In feet control, the left controller controls the left foot and the right controller the right foot. Keeping a controller's trigger pressed makes its foot push against the ground. So you make your avatar walk by "walking" with your real hands in the air. Keep the trigger of the controller your are pulling from front to back pressed, and the other released. To turn on the spot, keep both triggers pressed and rotate your hands around yourself.


0.3 1. November 2013:
	- Added experimental foot movement controls. Switch between hand and feet control with left 1.
	- Fixed the calibration picture.

0.2 27. October 2013:
	- Fixed clipping issue when looking down.
	- The big guy now has a shorter collider so he can fit through the door.
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