Automated accessibility (a11y) testing tool, with emphasis on reliablity and automation
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Tanaguru is an opensource (AGPL license) website assessment tool. It is dedicated to accessibility (a11y) audits, and focuses on reliability and high level of automation.


Four kinds of audit:

  • page audit
  • entire website audit (Heritrix crawler embedded)
  • scenario audit
  • offline file audit

(That's the DOM that is tested, thus dealing with JS/AJAX/ARIA)


  1. Automate as much as we can and even more :)
  2. Be 200% reliable (don't give erroneous result)
  3. have technological fun



Installation and documentation

See all Tanaguru Docs

Usefull links:

Business: accessibility

What tests are covered:

  • all the "tag and attributes tests" like missing alt, table headers check, frame title...
  • color contrast
  • language specification
  • downloadable files / office files (spreadsheet, wordprocessor...)
  • switch of context
  • ...

As of June 2016, this represents ~180 accessibility tests

Contact and discussions

Content of this last version (Tanaguru 4.0.3, 2017-02-20)

Features :

  • Implementation of Rgaa3 rules (180 rules)

See full Changelog

Other Open Source tools

All these projects are opensource and also under the umbrella of Tanaguru Github account

Have Fun

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