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Releases: TandoorRecipes/recipes


14 Aug 04:32
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  • added ability to set base unit for units to improve conversion ability #2537
  • added ability to set URL's for foods to link to external websites
  • added back description field to food editor (thanks to titilambert #2541)
  • improved system information page showing commit ref even in non docker setups #156
  • improved multi url import to prevent overloading the backend/external service #2542
  • changed guest users can no longer copy recipes #2547
  • fixed copied ingredients being linked to each other #2532
  • fixed issue with rating sort order (thanks to @smilerz #2563)
  • fixed embedded PDF viewer not respecting sub path setups #2424
  • updated django and several other dependencies

⚠️ Manual Installs: a new script was added which can be executed after each update to display version information on the system page.


05 Jul 14:34
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  • added default valid_until date for invite links
  • added ability to add a note to invite links which is transferred to the space permission for later recognition
  • added experimental dark theme (does not work yet on many pages)
  • improved query performance of shopping list (should be significantly faster on large lists)
  • improved show optional fields in generic forms
  • improved source_url is now included in recipe exports (thanks michael-genson to #2531)
  • improved added filtering to some commonly used administrative admin pages
  • fixed navbar color for non logged in users
  • fixed issue when importing lists of ingredients with empty rows #2519
  • fixed an issue with the food editor always showing "g" as the properties unit #2518
  • fixed error message when no plugins are installed
  • updated base alpine version to 3.18 to fix raspi builds (thanks to @gloriousDan #2522)
  • updated docs to add some notes to default docker compose files and update pg version (thanks @gloriousDan to #2521)


26 Jun 18:26
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  • improved don't show the properties view if no property types are present in space
  • improved automatically adding schema specific attributes if not present in json importer #2426
  • fixed issue with not begin able to add decimal amounts in property values #2518
  • fixed issue when creating food and adding properties at the same time
  • fixed text color in nav to light for some background colors
  • fixed broken images could fail the tandoor importer
  • added TrueNAS Portainer installation instructions to the docs (thanks to 16cdlogan #2517)


24 Jun 10:19
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  • fixed merging foods would delete all food properties #2513
  • fixed uniqueness check failing with open data slug models #2512


22 Jun 09:31
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  • fixed meal plan view
  • fixed error with keyword automation

Food Properties, Unit Conversion and Open Data

21 Jun 12:48
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  • added unit conversion
    • tandoor can now automatically convert your ingredients to different units
    • conversion between all common metric and imperial units works automatically (within either weight or volume)
    • conversions to convert between weight and volume for certain foods or to convert between special units (like pcs or your favourite cup) can be added manually
    • currently conversions are used for property calculation, in the future many more features are possible with this
  • added food properties
    • every food can have different properties like nutrition, price, allergens or whatever you like to track
    • these properties are then automatically calculated for every individual recipe
    • the URL importer now automatically imports nutrition information properties from websites if possible
    • in the future this can be integrated into different modules like shopping (price) or meal plans (nutrition)
  • added open data importer
    • The Tandoor Open Data Project aims to provide a community curated list of basic data for your tandoor instance
    • Feel free to participate in its growth to help everyone improve their Tandoor workflows
  • improved food editor (much cleaner, supports new features)
  • added admin options to delete unused steps and ingredients (thanks to @smilerz #2488)
  • added Norwegian to available languages #2487
  • fixed hide bottom navigation in print view (thanks to jwr1 #2478)
  • fixed url import edge case with arrays as names #2429
  • fixed HowToSteps in Nextcloud Cookbook imports #2428
  • fixed edge cases with the rezeptsuite importer #2467
  • fixed recipesage servings and time import
  • improved lots of functionality regarding plugins (still otherwise undocumented as very early stages)


26 May 07:57
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  • added allow plugins to define dropdown nav entries
  • fixed json importer not working since its missing source_url attribute
  • updated open data plugin


23 May 13:40
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  • added noindex to header to prevent indexing content by search engines (thanks to screendriver #2435)
  • added ability to set gunicorn logging parameter to .env (thanks to gloriousDan #2470)
  • improved plugin functionality

Open Data Plugin
This is the first release that also contains a build of the tandoor-open-data-plugin.
More Information will follow soon on GitHub and


18 May 12:29
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  • fixed release notifications (thanks to @gabe565 #2437)
  • updated django and fixed file upload (thanks to ambroisie #2458)
  • updated translations


26 Apr 07:04
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  • added support for cookidoo import (thanks to @MarcusWolschon #2270)
  • added proper auth for api/share-link/ #2371
  • added keyword alias automation to url import (thanks to @smilerz #2415)
  • added ldap TLS parameter to allow StartTLS connections (thanks to ssams #2434)
  • improved OpenEats importer and docs (thanks to thomaspreece #2379)
  • improved CI/deployment process thanks to @gabe565 #2376 (added GHCR as alternative to docker hub, consolidated workflow files, updated actions, ...)
  • updated many dependencies
  • updated translations
  • improved docs k8 instructions (thanks to alexbarcelo #2326)
  • improved language in docs faq (thaks to ocnattie #2351)
  • improved added WSL setup instructions to docs (thanks to nco34 #2372)
  • improved german translation (thanks to dnlmlr #2416)
  • fixed some typos (thanks to noxonad #2420 #2422 #2421)