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The 2.5.1 release is out!

"The ratio of time spent reading [code] versus writing is well over 10 to 1 [therefore] making it easy to read makes it easier to write." - Robert C. Martin

#Is your Android code easy to write, read, and maintain?

@EActivity(R.layout.translate) // Sets content view to R.layout.translate
public class TranslateActivity extends Activity {

    @ViewById // Injects
    EditText textInput;

    @ViewById( // Injects
    TextView result;

    @AnimationRes // Injects android.R.anim.fade_in
    Animation fadeIn;

    @Click // When button is clicked 
    void doTranslate() {

    @Background // Executed in a background thread
    void translateInBackground(String textToTranslate) {
         String translatedText = callGoogleTranslate(textToTranslate);
    @UiThread // Executed in the ui thread
    void showResult(String translatedText) {

    // [...]

AndroidAnnotations provide those good things for less than 50kb, without any perf impact!

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