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Find a web company near you
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Find a web company near you ! 💻

Quite a simple website : we have a list of web companies and we allow visitors to filter that list based on their desired location, tech or work.

Where to find it

This app is deployed on a subdomain of my personnal website.


Front-end is in React, bundled with Parcel. Back-end was supposed to be a headless NodeJS CMS using Strapi and MongoDB, but I did not have the time to dig Strapi yet. So there's no back-end at the moment. Yeah, I know it's bad... 😔


It currently displays web companies mostly from Liège, but feel free to contact me to expand that list !

No commercial use is made of this site (please don't sue me).
My one and only goal is to list web companies (the like you could find in Les Pages d'Or, for example), as exhaustively as possible, for web students, learners and juniors to easily find where to apply for internships and jobs.
If your company is in the list and you want to see it removed or any of the informations changed, contact me and I'll do it as soon as possible.


This app is placed under the MIT License. Do amazing things !

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