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Object Detection and Image Segmentation with Detectron2
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Object Detection and Instance Segmentation with Detecton2

Detectron2 is Facebooks new library that implements state-of-the-art object detection algorithm. This repository shows you how to use Detectron2 for both inference as well as using transfer learning to train on your own data-set.


See the official installation guide.

Inference with pre-trained model

Using a pre-trained model for inference is as easy as loading in the cofiguration and weights and creating a predictor object. For a example check out Detectron2_inference_with_pre_trained_model.ipynb.

Training on a custom dataset

Training a model on a custom dataset is a bit more challenging because it requires that we register our dataset. For a example showing you how to train a balloon detection model check out Detectron2_train_on_a_custom_dataset.ipynb.


Gilbert Tanner

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