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Suckless terminal with scrolling. Feel free to use, drop a review or a PR.
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Dracula themed suckless terminal build with scroll

The suckless terminal (st) with some additional features that make it literally the best terminal emulator ever:

Unique features (using dmenu)

  • follow urls by pressing alt-l
  • copy urls in the same way with alt-y
  • copy the output of commands with alt-o

Bindings for

  • scrollback with alt-↑/↓ or alt-pageup/down or shift while scrolling the mouse
  • OR vim-bindings: scroll up/down in history with alt-k and alt-j. Faster with alt-u/alt-d.
  • zoom/change font size: same bindings as above, but holding down shift as well. alt-home returns to default
  • copy text with alt-c, paste is alt-v or shift-insert

Pretty stuff

  • Default font is system "mono" at 16pt, meaning the font will match your system font.
  • Very useful keybinds including:
    • Copy is alt-c, paste is alt-v or alt-p pastes from primary selection
    • Alt-l feeds all urls on screen to dmenu, so they user can choose and follow one (requires dmenu installed).
    • Zoom in/out or increase font size with Alt+Shift+k/j or u/d for larger intervals.
    • Hold alt and press either ↑/↓ or the vim keys k/j to move up/down in the terminal.
    • Shift+Mouse wheel do the same.
    • Alt-u and Alt-d scroll back/forward in history a page at a time.
    • Alt-PageUp and Alt-PageDown will do the same.
  • Vertcenter
  • Scrollback
  • Compatibility with Xresources and pywal for dynamic colors. The Xdefaults file shows a usage example.

Other st patches

  • Vertcenter
  • Scrollback
  • updated to latest version 0.8.2

To be clear about the color settings:

  • This build will use Dracula colors by default and as a fallback.
  • If there are Xresources colors defined, those will take priority.
  • But if wal has run in your session, its colors will take priority.
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