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Poor Man's T-SQL Formatter change log

Version 1.5.3 (SSMS / Visual Studio Add-In Only)

  • Github Issue #109 (Fix to Github Issue #86): Visual Studio 2012 support was never tested before release, and turned out to be broken.

Version 1.5.2 (SSMS / Visual Studio Add-In Only)

  • Github Issue #107: [Bugfix] Unexplained install failures on SOME machines [thanks Jerrad Elmore for the bug report]

Version 1.5.1

  • Github Issue #85: [Enhancement] Merged code cleanup changes by Timothy Klenke
  • Github Issue #87: [Enhancement] Added support for SQLite bit-shift and c-style equality operators [thanks Tom Holden for the request]
  • Github Issue #86: [Enhancement] Added support for Visual Studio 2012 [thanks Jarred Cleem for the request]
  • Github Issue #81: [Enhancement] Added support for C-Style comments ("//") and colon-prefixed parameter/host-variable names for other SQL dialects [thanks Paul Toms for the request]
  • Github Issue #90: [Enhancement] Merged more code cleanup / options simplification changes by Timothy Klenke
  • Github Issue #47: [Enhancement] Separated option for expansion of IN lists [thanks to a number of people for the request: smartkiwi, defrek, Marvin Eads and Bill Ruehle]
  • Github Issue #95: [Enhancement] Corrected display of chained ELSE IF statements to be more cross-language-standard [thanks to steelwill for the request]
  • Github Issue #100: [Bugfix] Corrected crash when the string for format ends with Greater Than or Less Than signs
  • Github Issue #97: [Bugfix] Parsing error when single uppercase N is followed by a non-word character [thanks to derekfrye for the bug report]
  • Github Issue #91: [Bugfix] Incorrect formatting of "*=" operator [thanks to ralfkret for the bug report]
  • Github Issue #51: [Enhancement] Added support for the OUT synonym of OUTPUT (for arguments), and corresponding keyword standardization support
  • Github Issue #49: [Enhancement] Added options to control line spacing between clauses and statements [thanks to Farzad Jalali, Sheldon Hull and Benjamin Solomon for the request]
  • Github Issue #96: [Enhancement] Enhanced SSMS, VS and NPP plugins to keep cursor at the approximate previous location when reformatting whole document [thanks to Paul for the request]

Version 1.4.4 (SSMS / Visual Studio Add-In only)

  • Github Issue #79: [BugFix] Fix SSMS Add-In to work in unexpected languages [thanks Paulo Stradioti for the bug report]
  • Github Issue #16: [New Feature] Add Visual Studio support to the Add-In

Version 1.4.3 (library + + windows Forms only)

  • Github Issue #75: [Enhancement] Add parse error highlighting in HTML output [thanks Jeff Clark for the suggestion]

Version 1.4.2 (library only)

  • Github Issue #70: [Enhancement] Eliminate "Client Framework"-incompatible dependency on System.Web [thanks to Brad Wood and Richard King for feedback on this]

Version 1.4.1

  • Github Issue #54: [New Feature] Support for DB2/SQLLite string concatenation operator
  • Github Issue #48: [Bugfix] Correction to SQL 2012 add-in install folder
  • Github Issue #52: [Bugfix] Fix to space-indent saving in formatting plugin options (SSMS, Notepad++)
  • [Bugfix] Fix examples in commandline help to correspond to existing options [thanks John Landmesser for the bug report]
  • Github Issue #74: [Bugfix] Correct parsing & formatting of subqueries & function calls in variable initializers
  • Github Issue #73: [Bugfix] Correct parsing & formatting of OPTION clauses
  • Github Issue #55: [Bugfix] Correct parsing & formatting of OUTPUT specifiers on proc arguments defined without parens

Version 1.3.1

  • Github Issue 23: [New Feature] Support for SSMS 2012 / Denali
  • Github Issue 34: [New Feature] Obfuscating formatter / minifier in Winforms app and Web Service
  • Github Issue 36: [New Feature] Support for "[noformat][/noformat]" and "[minify][/minify]" block-formatting instructions in standard formatter [thanks dquille for the request]
  • Github Issue 37: [Bugfix] SSMS Hotkey binding failed in non-english versions of SSMS [thanks Philipp Schornberg for the bug report]
  • Github Issue 38: [Bugfix] Comment-positioning bugs, one of which could result in invalid output SQL! [thanks andywuest for the bug report]
  • Github Issue 39: [Bugfix] Formatting Library not usable in .Net 3.5 and later projects, because of Linqbridge conflict on Linq namespace [thanks Sean Bornstein for the bug report]
  • Github Issue 40: [Bugfix] Error parsing WITH options containing "ON" in parentheses [thanks Jean-Luc Mellet for the bug report]

Version 1.2.1

  • Github Issue 32: [Feature Request] Enhanced Cmdline Utility to support pipeline input (and output) [thanks William Lin for the request]
    • but default behaviour unchanged, still expect to act on files directly unless piped input provided
    • expected encoding is UTF-8... in powershell, for example, run "$OutputEncoding = [System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8" first.
  • Enhanced Cmdline Utility "no files found" message to include extensions detail
  • Github Issue 26: Testing enhancements:
    • Changed testing framework to Nunit, included dependencies for building and testing in any environment
    • Simplified testing code, with test sources
    • Added tests for different formatting options / flags, greater coverage
  • GitHub Issue 31: Completed Notepad++ Plugin, with formatting options - available trough Notepad++ plugin manager.

Version 1.1.1

  • Translated programs, ssms plugin + website into French and Spanish
    • thanks to Threeplicate for Amanuens, a free (for open-source projects) localization tool that makes managing translations much easier!
    • and thanks to my wife for proofreading... technical translations are always a mess, but at least I got a second pair of eyes on it!
  • Initial Beta of Notepad++ plugin [thanks UFO and Robert Giesecke for the .Net managed plugin template!]
  • Github Issue 22: [Bugfix] Indenting of "AS" clause on 2nd or later CTE in a query
  • GitHub Issue 21: [Feature Request] Added optional ignore of errors in CmdLine Formatter [thanks Jörg Burdorf for the request]
  • GitHub Issue 18: [Bugfix] Corrected positioning of comments (after linebreak) at end of statements [thanks gvarol for the bug report]
  • GitHub Issue 19: [Feature Request] Added optional indenting of join ON sections [thanks Pushpendra Rishi for the request]
  • GitHub Issue 24: [Bugfix] HTMLEncoding missing in Web Service (eg for and Winforms demo app [thanks Gokhan Varol for the bug report]
  • GitHub Issue 25: [Feature Request] Settings persistence and optional display simplification in Winforms demo app [thanks Gokhan Varol for the request]
  • GitHub Issue 33: [Bugfix] Culture-specific uppercasing bug (Turkish) [thanks Recep Guzel]
  • GitHub Issue 35: [Enhancement] WITH clause breaking [thanks Lane Duncan for the suggestion]
  • Softcoded parsing error message in library (for translation + optional removal of warning)

Version 1.0.1:

  • Added MERGE clause and statement support
  • Added OUTPUT and OUTPUT ... INTO ... clause support
  • Corrected INSERT ... EXEC parsing/formatting
  • Corrected VALUES ... indenting
  • Corrected handling of multiple CTEs in a single statement
  • Corrected handling of AS in stored procedure argument data type specification
  • Added handling of ISO data type synonyms, with keyword consistency correction to Sql Server datatypes
  • Added missing SQL Server 2008 datatypes, Date/Time-related, HierarchyID, and Geography
  • Corrected minor indenting bug with single-word clauses at the end of multi-statement container content
  • Added Expected SQL Parse Tree and Standard Output Sql tests in test suite - parse Xml format and output SQL format effectively finalized.

Version 0.9.13

  • Added handling of scope resolution operator ("::")
  • Corrected handling of colon, as NOT being a valid in-word character
  • Added handling of remaining SQL 2008 compound operators (eg "+=")
  • Added handling of GRANT/REVOKE/DENY statements
  • Added numerous keywords that were not handled (including XML datatype!)
  • Added handling of EXCEPT and INTERSECT set operators
  • Cleaned up the test files a bit, as they are now referenced publically
  • Added general DDL "WITH" clause handling, including "EXECUTE AS"
  • Refactoring / reducing direct XmlDocument dependency
  • Added basic initial keyword standardization (or arbitrary mapping), eg "LEFT OUTER JOIN" -> "LEFT JOIN"

Version 0.9.12

  • Corrected expanded-comma-list default to not include spaces between commas and subsequent content, with new "SpaceAfterExpandedComma" option - thanks to Loren Halvorson again for the suggestion!
  • New option "ExpandBetweenConditions", meaning hopefully clear
  • Significant changes to Parse Tree Xml structure, to better handle compound keywords and various containers
  • Major refactoring of standard parser and formatter - hopefully much clearer and more maintainable now.
  • Corrected handling of whitespace within compound keywords like "BEGIN TRAN"
  • Added indenting on arbitrary expression parens
  • Added new parens type "selection target" to avoid over-indenting derived tables
  • Corrected detection of new "SELECT" statements immediately following "INSERT ... SELECT ..." and "INSERT ... VALUES ..." statements
  • Bugfix: web service "WithOptions" method was actually ignoring the options provided
  • Corrected INSTEAD OF trigger type parsing
  • Added ability in CmdLine utility to use an output path, instead of an output file (same parameter).
  • Bugfix: tokenization of decimal values starting with a single "0", eg "0.0", was yielding two separate numbers.
  • Implemented basic(!) width-based wrapping
  • Implemented coloring-only option in the identityformatter

Version 0.9.11

Thanks to Loren Halvorson for the feature suggestions!

  • Added WinMerge plugin (actual plugin implemented in VB6, because I couldn't figure out how to get the COM Interop to work with WinMerge's plugin-loading system directly)
  • Added output file option to CmdLine utility, eg for use with file comparison tools that accept commands to execute pre-comparison.
  • Added return code to CmdLine utility, for feedback to calling programs such as file comparison tools.

Version 0.9.10

  • Corrected command-line utility to handle "." as path input pattern
  • Fixed buggy "UNION" parsing and display formatting
  • Removed attempted quickfix "OUTPUT" clause handling - it messed up stored proc OUTPUT parameters
  • Fixed buggy interaction of DDL containers (cursors, etc) with control-of-flow statements (begin/end, if/else, etc).
  • Added linebreak-sensitive comment positioning: comments will be maintained at the end of lines they were defined on.
  • corrected comment positioning under some specific circumstances
  • improved "GO" batch separator parsing to match SSMS behaviour, eg allowing single-line comments on the same line

Version 0.9.9

  • Tested library in Mono (but have now added linqbridge since, might have thrown a spanner in the works)
  • Added single-word "Commit" and "Rollback" keyword support.
  • Added handling for Cursors, both ISO and MS-specific forms
  • Added version information in cmdline utility
  • Added BULK INSERT handling
  • Added SAVE TRANSACTION handling
  • Added parsing of (Data) Trigger FOR/AFTER/INSTEAD OF clauses
  • Fixed SSMS 2008 support (thanks Tim Costello for my first bug report)
  • Fixed semicolon new-statement detection to handle batch separators and ELSE clauses/statments.

Version 0.9.8

  • Fixed parsing error with UPDATE statements in IF blocks
  • Fixed handling of AS keyword for defining data types
  • Fixed handling of nested ELSE clauses
  • Added parse-error-handling to command-line utility
  • Added easier parse-error-detection and common constructor to formatting manager class
  • Fixed merged (ilmerge) output type for command-line utility
  • Fixed multiline comment handling to respect T-SQL comment nesting
  • Added handling for double quotes, incl. escaping
  • Added number parsing/tokenization
  • Added binary/hex value parsing/tokenization
  • Added money parsing/tokenization
  • Added tests for number, currency and binary parsing/tokenization edge cases
  • Fixed grouping of DECLARE, SET, and PRINT statements
  • Added parsing of Labels as statements
  • Added merge in winforms demo app's build process, for single-assembly demo

Version 0.9.7

  • Added command-line formatter
    • single assembly/executable
    • supports flags for all the standard formatting options
    • allows for single files or wildcards, at a specified level or recursive
    • defaults to ".sql" extensions only, but allows for adding others
  • Corrected parsing error with GOTO statements

Version 0.9.6

  • Added SSMS Add-in
    • Handles Visual Studio standard Ctrl-K, Ctrl-F hotkey combination
    • Adds menu item to "Tools" menu
    • Formats selected text if there is any, or entire document otherwise
    • Warns about parse failures with option to abort
    • Supports SSMS and Express 2005 and 2008

Version 0.9.5

  • Added CTE parsing
  • Cleaned up delivery mechanism for full HTML pages
  • Added grouping of DECLARE and SET statements

Version 0.9.4

  • Added HTML syntax colorizing (exposed in demo app and web service)

Version 0.9.3

  • Added formatting of union clauses
  • Misc minor formatting enhancements (comments, cross apply, etc)
  • Added formatting of BETWEEN conditions
  • Refactored Tokenizer output to be a more-efficient List instead of an Xml Document
  • Introduced notion of Keywords, added Keyword Uppercasing (incl Operators)

Version 0.9.2

  • Added structured output of Derived Tables (and subqueries)
  • Added structured output of Case Statements
  • Added more handled keywords

Version 0.9.1

  • Added web service demo project
  • Added more handled keywords
  • Corrected Period handling
  • Added Semicolon (statement separator) handling

Version 0.9.0

Initial release, see for known issues and plans.