Add colon-prefixing and double-forward-slash support for better NexusDB support #81

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Paul Toms finds that most NexusDB sql is reasonably functional, but the leading colons (used for parameters in NexusDB and host variables in DB2) are particularly problematic.

@TaoK TaoK referenced this issue Jan 4, 2013

DB2 Host variables #66

@TaoK TaoK added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 4, 2013
@TaoK Github Issue #81: Added support for C-Style comments ("//") and colon…
…-prefixed parameter/host-variable names for other SQL dialects

Dmitry Kovalevsky also reported this issue when using the Notepad++ plugin (don't know which SQL dialect):

AND some.thing BETWEEN to_timestamp(:start_date_ || ' ' || '08:00:00', ' hh24:mi:ss')
            AND to_timestamp(:end_date_ || ' ' || '07:59:59', ' hh24:mi:ss')
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