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{\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\tx8640\f0\fs20 Poor Man's T-SQL Formatter - WinMerge Plugin for pre-comparison \par
formatting on ".sql" files.\par
\pard Copyright (C) 2011 Tao Klerks\par
This plugin requires the Poor Man's T-SQL Formatter C# library, installed \par
into its own folder and registered for COM interop, and it also requires a \par
"TSqlFormatWMPlugin.dll" file saved into the "MergePlugins" folder of your \par
WinMerge installation.\par
The install process will "guess" that WinMerge is installed in a folder \par
called "WinMerge", in your default / standard "Program Files" directory \par
(named differently depending on your flavour of windows).\par
If your WinMerge setup is different, please copy/move the file from this \par
"guessed" location to the correct location, for the plugin to be available.\par
To use, in WinMerge:\par
1) Enable plugins (Plugins -> list... -> Enable Plugins)\par
2A) Set automatic unpacking (Plugins -> Automatic Unpacking), OR\par
2B) When opening files, in the file-selection dialog, choose the unpacker.\par
TIP: If you only want to use this plugin from time-to-time, so you leave the \par
setting to "Manual Unpacking", you will find you skip the file selection \par
dialog when you choose WinMerge from the explorer context menu or from \par
a source control or other automatic launcher. To quickly reload the current \par
files with the unpacker, just go to File -> Open, and the current file paths will \par
come pre-selected, allowing you to select the unpacker in that dialog very \par