Clients crash if "could not connect to svn server" #1

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mj41 commented Mar 25, 2010

Related to SVN. Is it still issue on Git?

Starting job number 139 (id 52861) at 1:27:53 25.3.2010.
Getting revision 45167 from
svn: OPTIONS of '': could not connect to server (
     at /home/jurosz/tt3-tapir2/client/lib/TapTinder/Client/ line 186
        TapTinder::Client::RepManager::run_svn_up('TapTinder::Client::RepManager=HASH(0x111cdd60)', '/home/jurosz/tt3-tapir2/client/../client-data/Parrot-trunk-src', '/home/jurosz/tt3-tapir2/client/../client-data/Parrot-trunk-re...', 45167) called at /home/jurosz/tt3-tapir2/client/lib/TapTinder/Client/ line 314
        TapTinder::Client::RepManager::prepare_temp_copy('TapTinder::Client::RepManager=HASH(0x111cdd60)', 'HASH(0x11d532c0)') called at /home/jurosz/tt3-tapir2/client/lib/TapTinder/ line 277
        TapTinder::Client::ccmd_get_src('TapTinder::Client=HASH(0x111ef890)', 'get_src', 'HASH(0x11d82c80)') called at /home/jurosz/tt3-tapir2/client/lib/TapTinder/ line 666
        TapTinder::Client::run('TapTinder::Client=HASH(0x111ef890)') called at ./ line 70
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