WIP Port of the Macintosh emulator Mini vMac. Macintosh Plus 4MB Variant
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Updated version: https://github.com/TaraHoleInIt/minivmac-3ds

GBATemp thread: http://gbatemp.net/threads/mini-vmac-for-3ds.439119/

Mini vMac 3DS Port

Macintosh Plus with 4MB variant
Most changes/3ds GLUE in src/MYOSGLUE.c

What's working:

It boots on hardware!
Touchscreen mouse
CPad mouse
Basic on screen keyboard
DPAD Mapped to arrow keys


Code cleanup
Remove unused (all) SDL Audio code
Optimize/speedup for o3ds

TODO (At some point):

Support Macintosh II variants
Support screen widths/heights greater than 512px


Place vMac.ROM in /3ds/vmac/ along with your disk images
Place ui_kb_lc.png, ui_kb_uc.png, and ui_kb_shift.png in /3ds/vmac/gfx
Disks must be autoloaded at the moment so name them disk1.dsk, disk2.dsk, ect...

L and R Shoulder buttons are a mouse click
L + R + START Exits (Be sure to do Special->Shutdown first)
SELECT Toggles screen scaling mode
START Toggles the Mini vMac control mode interface
Y Toggles the on screen keyboard


This is a very early WIP port so if it crashes/hangs/murders you... I dunno...
Some frames may be dropped/skipped when running on an o3ds