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SSD1306 Component for the ESP-IDF SDK
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TaraHoleInIt Fonts:
Add 16x32 7 segment font
Add 32x64 7 segment font
Enable default i2c and spi interface code by default
Fix errors in Kconfig
Latest commit 9d4009c May 16, 2018
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fonts Fonts: May 16, 2018
CMakeLists.txt Add support for CMake build system May 3, 2018
Kconfig Fonts: May 16, 2018
ssd1306.c Minor cleanups Apr 10, 2018
ssd1306.h Added missing reset pin for i2c displays Apr 9, 2018
ssd1306_default_if.h Interfaces: Apr 9, 2018
ssd1306_draw.c Interfaces: Apr 9, 2018
ssd1306_draw.h Fix missing cpp linkage brace Apr 26, 2018
ssd1306_err.h Interfaces: Apr 9, 2018
ssd1306_font.c Add extended characters to all fonts. May 7, 2018
ssd1306_font.h Fonts: May 16, 2018

SSD1306 Component for the ESP32 and ESP-IDF SDK


This is a simple component for the SSD1306 display.
It supports multiple display sizes on both i2c and spi interfaces.

Check out the wiki where most of the relevant information is.


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