ALL of Taran's scripts - not just for the 2nd keyboard.
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ALL of Taran's scripts - (not just for the 2nd keyboard.)

I'm the main video editor for Linus Media Group. We put out 1 or more videos every day, so I had to learn how to work quickly, without sacrificing quality. These AutoHotKey scripts speed up my workflow significantly. (Mostly for Premiere Pro and Explorer)

I pioneered the use of a 2nd keyboard purely for macros, and later, the concept of "wrapping" keystrokes inside of other keystrokes, (ideally, the super-function keys (F13-F24)) as a means of massively multiplying the number of unique available keys. Watch this whole video series here, before you attempt to use those fancy scripts:


I know there's a lot of scripts in this repository. Look here to see what launches when I start my computer:

Some of the scripts are #include-d in other scripts. The MAIN script from which most others are run, is this one - so, you can start here:

Some scripts can stand entirely on their own, like this one:'s_Windows_Mods/Both_Accelerated_Scrolling_1.3_AND_Cursor_click_visualizer.ahk

To see most of these scripts in action during a real workday, check out my "World's Most Advanced Editing Tutorial"

Please note, I'm not a real programmer (in this lifetime.) My organization can be bad, and my code can be spaghetti-y. I have, however, done extensive commenting... so if you know how to code, it should be pretty easy to figure out what's going on.

Help with this repo is appreciated, but don't feel bad if I never officially merge your scripts. I can't trust anything that I haven't fully tested myself, or something with code that I don't recognise or understand. These are my real day-to-day working scripts, so I can't compromise them for anybody.

Sometimes I put out tutorials on my personal channel: ...and sometimes I make "reverse tutorials" where I ask questions instead.

Twitter is probably the most effective method for you to contact me:

You're free to use any of these scripts for yourself. Take what you need, modify it to your heart's content.

My most used, most useful, simplest script is this one:

NOTE: By the time you need to add a 2nd keyboard, you should already be fairly familiar with how AutoHotKey works. You should also have already used up all your function keys, and macro keys (if your main keyboard has them.) You do not really need to add a 2nd keyboard until you've already used up all of the macro keys on your normal keyboard. You can also use up all the function keys, using AutoHotkey. Most programs don't really use them for anything.

As of August 2018, I've changed the root directory from this:


to this:


which is an enormous improvement, since users no longer have to change all the scattered instances of "TaranWORK" to their own username. Now, a huge amount of the scripts are turn-key, as long as you don't move anything or change any file paths.

This also means that the Corsair K95 and Stream Deck direct-launch scripts are ready to go immediately.

The only disadvantage is that these AHK scripts will be available to ALL users on a machine. If you share a computer, you may wish to move them under your user account after all.

Make sure to populate your startup folder with file shortcuts, to launch all the scripts you want as soon as the computer boots up. KEEP IN MIND that there are TWO startup folders - one for your user account, and one for ALL users. Here they are:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

C:\Users\TaranWORK\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

If you're ready to kick it up a notch, check out these interesting related repositories (easier install of Interception)

More info on how to use Adobe CEP: