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Starcraft EPD editor
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Starcraft EPD Editor

Shoutout to @jjf28

The official thread

This contains archive for the latest development version of the editor.
The sources for DLL file will not to be released, as the map protection is a thing that should be respected.
This source contains unreleased features, with some bugs created, removed, or worse, undetermined.


  • Parser

    • Parses TrigEdit format, which is output (and input) from (to) the DLL library.
    • Do not mess with this, because it holds the key to trigger copying
  • UI

    • Most of the UI is XAML with backing class, though those are in top-level directory
  • Data

    • The core module
    • Most of them are already at their final version (the trigger is for sure).
    • Default memory contains raw vanilla 1.16.1 memory scan for default values. If new actions are added, this should be updated
    • Action/Condition is not to be messed up with
    • EPDAction is something to mess with. Adding memory blocks should be done statically with support classes, just the way it is.
  • wnd

    • Additional option windows
    • All dialog boxes should be stored here

Future of the editor

I won't be able to resume the planned work, hence the release. It took a long time and great effort to put this together, and hopefully it will live for a long time (just like Starcraft). If you find a bug, create issue here (or make a post on the forums) and it will be fixed in the future (not in a matter of minutes like it used to be).

The official update server should be up for a few more months, but will most likely end for the sake of org TLD (There's a plan to take it back), the infamous calculator could be integrated directly into this.

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