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Target365 SDK for .NET
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Strex AS is a Norwegian payment and SMS gateway (Strex Connect) provider. Strex withholds an e-money license and processes more than 70 million transactions every year. Strex has more than 4.2 mill customers in Norway and are owned by the Norwegian mobile network operators (Telenor, Telia and Ice). Strex Connect is based on the Target365 marketing and communication platform.

Target365 SDK for .NET


Getting started

To get started, please click here: and register your organisation. For the SDK please send us an email at containing your EC public key in DER(ANS.1) format. See our C# User Guide on how to generate your private-public key pair in C#.


PM> Install-Package Target365.Sdk


> dotnet add package Target365.Sdk


Test Environment

Our test-environment acts as a sandbox that simulates the real API as closely as possible. This can be used to get familiar with the service before going to production. Please be ware that the simulation isn't perfect and must not be taken to have 100% fidelity.


Production Environment

Our production environment is a mix of per-tenant isolated environments and a shared common environment. Contact if you're interested in an isolated per-tenant environment.


Authors and maintainers

Target365 (

Issues / Bugs / Questions

Please feel free to raise an issue against this repository if you have any questions or problems.


New contributors to this project are welcome. If you are interested in contributing please send an email to


This library is released under the MIT license.

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