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Rendering performance

Drawing big data can be slow.

To prevent browser freeze, several chart settings were introduced in Taucharts v0.10.0:

settings: {
    asyncRendering: false,
    renderingTimeout: 10000,
    syncRenderingInterval: 50,
    handleRenderingErrors: true
  • Setting asyncRendering: true will make a chart render asynchronously by small synchronous chunks, making a browser more responsive to user interactions.
  • renderingTimeout is an interval (ms) after which the rendering will be paused, and user will be prompt to continue or cancel. Setting this option to 0 will disable the pause.
  • syncRenderingInterval is a minimal interval of synchronous rendering chunks.
  • Setting handleRenderingErrors: false will make it easier to debug possible rendering errors. Handled errors can be catched using chart.on('renderingerror', (chart, err) => {...}) event.

Asynchronous rendering prevents browser from freeze, but will not prevent from running out of memory.