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@Taritsyn Taritsyn released this Dec 25, 2018 · 229 commits to master since this release

Version: 3.0.0
Published: 12/25/2018
Change Set: 99c53cf

  • In the JsEngineSwitcher class a Instance property was renamed to the Current property
  • Now you can implement your own version of the JsEngineSwitcher class
  • Format of the error messages was unified
  • Created a new exception classes: JsCompilationException, JsEngineException, JsFatalException, JsInterruptedException, JsTimeoutException, JsScriptException and JsUsageException. These exceptions are responsible for handling errors, some of which were previously handled by the JsRuntimeException class
  • In the JsException class was added two new properties: Category and Description
  • From the JsRuntimeException class was removed one property - ErrorCode
  • In the JsRuntimeException class was added three new properties: Type, DocumentName and CallStack
  • JsEngineLoadException class now is inherited from the JsEngineException class
  • Removed a EmptyValueException class
  • Format method of the JsErrorHelpers class was renamed to the GenerateErrorDetails
  • Part of the auxiliary code was moved to external libraries: PolyfillsForOldDotNet and AdvancedStringBuilder
  • In IJsEngine interface was added two new properties: SupportsScriptInterruption and SupportsScriptPrecompilation, and four new methods: Interrupt, Precompile, PrecompileFile and PrecompileResource
  • In JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.Extensions.MsDependencyInjection added a overloaded versions of the AddJsEngineSwitcher extension method, which takes an instance of JS engine switcher
  • In JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.ChakraCore, JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.Msie, JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.V8 and JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.Vroom added a ability to interrupt execution of the script
  • In JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.ChakraCore, JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.Jint, JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.Jurassic, JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.Msie and JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.V8 added a ability to pre-compile scripts
  • In all modules, except the JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.V8, added support of .NET Standard 2.0
  • In JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.ChakraCore:
    • ChakraCore was updated to version 1.11.4
    • No longer used the old ChakraCore API for Windows (Internet Explorer-like API)
    • Now the ChakraCore for Windows requires the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017
    • In configuration settings of the ChakraCore JS engine was added one new property - MaxStackSize (default 492 or 984 KB)
    • Added support of .NET Framework 4.7.1 and .NET Core App 2.1
  • In JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.Jint:
    • Jint was updated to version 2.11.58
    • In configuration settings of the Jint JS engine a Timeout property has been replaced by the TimeoutInterval property (default TimeSpan.Zero) and was added one new property - LocalTimeZone (default TimeZoneInfo.Local)
  • In JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.Jurassic added support of Jurassic version of February 24, 2018
  • In JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.Msie:
    • MSIE JavaScript Engine was updated to version 3.0.0
    • In configuration settings of the MSIE JS engine was added one new property - MaxStackSize (default 492 or 984 KB)
  • In JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.V8:
    • Microsoft ClearScript.V8 was updated to version 5.5.4 (support of V8 version
    • Now requires .NET Framework 4.5 or higher
    • Now the Microsoft ClearScript.V8 requires the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017
    • In configuration settings of the V8 JS engine became obsolete the MaxExecutableSize property and added two new properties: AwaitDebuggerAndPauseOnStart (default false) and EnableRemoteDebugging (default false)
  • In JavaScriptEngineSwitcher.Vroom added support of .NET Framework 4.7.1
  • Added a module based on the NiL.JS

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