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@Tarmil Tarmil released this Jan 31, 2020

  • #30: Unwrap 'T voption with JsonUnionEncoding.UnwrapOption. Thanks @johlrich!

  • #32: Add JsonUnionEncoding.UnwrapSingleFieldCases, which encodes the field of single-field cases as x instead of [x]. Include it in JsonUnionEncoding.FSharpLuLike.

  • #33: Fix "read too much or not enough" when parsing a list of unions with JsonUnionEncoding.UnwrapFieldlessTags.

  • #36: BREAKING CHANGE: During deserialization, throw an exception when a field of a record or union has value null, unless the type of this field is option, voption, or a union with UseNullAsTrueValue. Thanks @drhumlen!

    New option allowNullFields disables this behavior.

  • #38: Add more consistent names for options:

    • BareFieldlessTags becomes UnwrapFieldlessTags;
    • SuccintOption becomes UnwrapOption;
    • EraseSingleCaseUnions becomes UnwrapSingleCaseUnions.

    The previous names are marked Obsolete.

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