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Awesome WebSharper


A curated list of WebSharper libraries, samples and resources.

Table of Contents


  • F# = Written in F#
  • C# = Written in C#
  • .NET Core = Written for .NET Core
  • .NET Framework = Written for .NET Framework



Libraries written with and for WebSharper.

Reactive libraries

  • UI (formerly known as UI.Next) - a library for constructing server-side and reactive client-side web pages in plain C#, F#, or with HTML templates.

Server-side hosting

  • Owin - OWIN defines a standard interface between .NET web servers and web applications. This library allows hosting WebSharper applications on any OWIN-compliant host - ASP.NET, Katana, Suave, etc.

  • Owin.WebSocket - Client-side and server-side WebSockets interface for OWIN-hosted applications, including automated serialization of messages.

  • ASP.NET Core - Run WebSharper applications on ASP.NET Core.

  • ASP.NET MVC - Run WebSharper applications alongside ASP.NET MVC and include client-side controls in Razor pages.

  • Suave - Run WebSharper applications as a Suave WebPart.

Other libraries

JavaScript library bindings

Using libraries written in JavaScript from WebSharper.

3D and Game engines

Browser Capabilities

Charting and Graphs

Code and text editing


  • MongoLab - Connect to online MongoDB instances.

  • PouchDb - CouchDB-inspired in-browser database.

GUI and widgets




  • JQueryMobile - A Touch-Optimized Web Framework.

  • PhoneGap - PhoneGap / Cordova bindings to native phone APIs.

  • PhoneJs - Now known as DevExtreme Mobile - Native-looking mobile web applications.

  • Swiper - Mobile touch slider focused on performance.

  • HammerJs - An open-source library that can recognize gestures made by touch, mouse and pointerEvents.

Reactive libraries




Academic publications

  • Adam Granicz, Jozsef Uri, Andras Janko. Synthesizing User Interfaces using Functional Reactive Web Abstractions. In Fourth International Workshop on Programming Technology for the Future Web (ProWeb20), Porto, Portugal, 2020. To appear.

  • Loic Denuziere, Adam Granicz. Enabling modular persistence for reactive data models in F# client-server web applications. In Modularity, Malaga, Spain, 2016. ACM

  • Adam Granicz, Loic Denuziere. Functional, Reactive Web Programming in F#. In Central European Functional Programming School (CEFP), Budapest, Hungary, 2015, pp. 137-160. Springer

  • Simon Fowler, Loic Denuziere, Adam Granicz. Reactive Single-Page Applications with Dynamic Dataflow. In Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages (PADL), Portland, OR, USA. 2015. Springer, PDF1, PDF2

  • Loic Denuziere, Adam Granicz, Simon Fowler. Reactive Abstractions for Functional Web Applications. Submitted to Implementation and Application of Functional Languages (IFL), Koblenz, Germany, 2015. PDF

  • Adam Granicz. Functional Web and Mobile Development in F#. In Central European Functional Programming School (CEFP), Budapest, Hungary, 2013, pp. 381-406. Springer

  • Loic Denuziere, Ernesto Rodriguez, Adam Granicz. Piglets to the Rescue: Declarative User Interface Specification with Pluggable View Models. In Symposium on Implementation and Application of Functional Languages (IFL), Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 2013. ACM, PDF.

  • Loic Denuziere, Adam Granicz, Anton Tayanovskyy. Visualizing data on the web. In Data-driven Functional Programming (DDFP), Rome, Italy, 2013, pp. 19-22. ACM

  • Joel Bjornson, Anton Tayanovskyy, Adam Granicz. Composing Reactive GUIs in F# Using WebSharper. In Symposium on Implementation and Application of Functional Languages (IFL), Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, 2010. pp. 203-216. Springer

  • Alex Peake, Adam Granicz. The first substantial line of business application in F#. In Commercial Users of Functional Programming (CUFP), Tokyo, Japan, 2009.


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