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Room Booker

Chalmers room booking application. An alternative to Timeedit, which sucks.

A live demo can be found @
Your browser must support HTML5's local storage, you can test your browser here.

Web application


  1. Install beanstalkd. brew install beanstalkd can be used in OS X
  2. Clone project git clone git://
  3. Navigate to room-booker and install dependencies using bundle install
  4. Install foreman globaly using [sudo] gem install foreman
  5. Start Faye, beanstalkd, Sinatra and Stalker using foreman start
  6. Navigate to localhost:4000 and you're done!

RoomBooker class

Core class, may be used without the web interface.


room_booker ={
  username: "username",
  password: "password",
  from: "12",
  to: "14",

Get a list of available rooms

room_booker.rooms # => ["1234", "5678"]

Book a room!("1234") # => true

Constructor params

  • username (String) Chalmers id, CID
  • password (String) CID password.
  • from (Fixnum) When does it start? (24 hour clock).
  • to (Fixnum) When does it end? (24 hour clock).
  • date (Time) What day?

Other methods

  • valid_credentials? (Bool) Is the given username and password valid?


  1. Export USERR and PASSWORD vars using export USERR="username", export PASSWORD="password".
  2. Run specs using rspec .


Room Booker is released under the MIT license.