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# Room Booker
Chalmers room booking application.
-An alternative to [Timeedit](, which sucks.
+An alternative to [Timeedit](, which sucks.
+A live demo can be found @ [](
+Your browser must support HTML5's [local storage](, you can test your browser [here](
+## Web application
+### Setup
+1. Install [beanstalkd]( `brew install beanstalkd` can be used in OS X
+2. Clone project `git clone git://`
+3. Navigate to `room-booker` and install dependencies using `bundle install`
+4. Install [foreman]( globaly using `[sudo] gem install foreman`
+5. Start [Faye](, beanstalkd, [Sinatra]( and [Stalker]( using `foreman start`
+6. Navigate to [localhost:4000](http://localhost:4000) and you're done!
## RoomBooker class

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